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This is probably not news to anyone but ME, since it came out in an interview with Ian Somerholder last week buuuuuut .....

Mild character arc-type spoiler for Delena, nothing plot-related:

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Ian Somerhalder Says Damon Isn’t Pining for Elena in Vampire Diaries Season 4

From the article: “... he expects Damon to bounce back right away. 'Here’s the good thing. He’s not pining for her. He’s not pining for Katherine.'”

I'm actually quite pleased about this. Intentionally or not (and I suspect it's unintentional, but still ...), Elena has been playing with Damon's feelings for a couple of seasons now. It's a very push/pull relationship, which I think is pretty characteristic of teenage relationships, but Damon isn't a teenager and that doesn't make it any less hurtful =/ In that aspect, I regard (and ship) Delena in the same way I cringe and have to muster myself to ship Ten/Rose in Doctor Who - where one of them (Elena, Ten) is careless with the other's (Damon's, Rose's) feelings, and "the other" happens to be my favorite character in the show =P

OK that started to ramble. BUT ANYWAY!

Do I think Delena will have its day in the spotlight? ABSOLUTELY YES, or TPTB wouldn't have spent nearly this much time on it in the show and in half-naked interviews.But I hope that this is an indication that next time, it will be Elena doing the pulling, and Damon pushing her away, just like he did with Katharine when he was tired of the emotional ping-pong there as well. I'm so glad Somerhalder made that comparison.

ETA: ooh this may indeed happen! Because I also found this:

Nina Dobrev: “Everything changes all the time, whether it’s people or relationships or experiences. Elena’s feelings for Damon are going to change drastically when the show returns in the fall. During their phone call, one of her main points was that things might have turned out differently if she had met him before Stefan. Well guess what? She did!"

Doctor Who vs. Downton Abbey - (and Merry Christmas!! =D)


I've only been semi-online this week, for a couple of reasons.
#1) I got sick again, bad cold/migraine/bronchitis triad post-finals. Happens *every* year @.@
#2) I discovered The Vampire Diaries and have been marathoning it over the past few days. I'm most of the way through s2 and the show is so good!! It reminds me of everything I love about Firefly and SPN and even Downton Abbey, and everything I loved so much about Doctor Who, all rolled up into one amazing little show!

Anyway, question for y'all! Assuming you watch both shows:

Poll #1805817 Which special are/were you looking forward to most?

Which special are/were you looking forward to most?

Doctor Who
Downton Abbey
Both =D
Neither =P