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Hockey does Doctor Who and other stuff

Thought 1 of the day: Phoenix Coyotes hockey team does Doctor Who!!

..... well not really. Their logo for the season is "Don't Blink," which of course had me in complete stitches. I don't even like hockey, but this was too good to pass up. So my first and probably last LJ entry having anything to do with the sport.

Thought 2 of the day: Single Father episode 2 was really really good

Yeah. Was thinking when the series is over, assuming I ever get any free time, I might make some icons. Got some screen grabs. Damn if Tennant isn't an amazing actor. No real spoilers: there is a scene where he is attempting to be stoic and starts to fail miserably at it. Yet, he fails miserably in a completely different way that Stoic Ten failed miserably at it. Same emotion, same bravado ... but two very different takes on it. His range is truly incredible.

Thought 3 of the day: school + mom = ugh

Yet again I wonder wth I'm doing. I can't seem to do anything right. I focus on school, then I'm a bad mom. I focus on kids, then my academic life goes to hell. My family is losing patience 2 months into my 4 year program, and here I am, many many many many thousands of dollars in debt, and I can't zactly change course now.

Blah, anyway that's my daily dose of self pity introspection. Off to study .....