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So I've spent the couple of days sick. I think my immune system finally konked out due to all the late nights studying from the ungodly rather brisk exam schedule we had this week. So I spent most of the past 2 days in bed.

Course, what's funniest about this (to me at least) is the fact the reason I was in **BED** was due to an unforeseen medication side effect which pretty much had me semi-sedated for an entire day. There is some vague irony in the fact that a single, low dose of a common prescription drug -- which we haven't gotten around to studying yet -- was enough to knock me under the table as I recovered from pharmacy school exams.


rose hair


The hardest part about being a mom in school is the childcare. It's not that I don't have people ostensibly WILLING to help --- but that the rigor of pharmacy school is such that I always need the help way more often than I can get it. Which leads to more stress, which leads to the worst bit of all - for the first time in a LONG time I find it hard to focus. Focus on my schoolwork that is, which I now have less time than ever to do, and I have more schoolwork than ever to do. It's the only thing I'm historically good at, and nowI don't feel so good at it anymore. I'm behind and everyone's prevailing attitude seems to be "What's the big deal? You'll figure it out."

So far it's been OK - As and Bs, but we are just at the beginning and I have never felt this ugh at the beginning before.

It's scary, ya know?

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