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Ancient!Fic Rec

Haven't done one of these in a while, so here goes!!! How I *love* this little gem.

Fic: Sleepy Yet? Ten/Rose
Written in: 2008 by OncomingBadWolf
Summary: The Doctor finds there's more than one way to win a bet.
Rec'd because: It's shamelessly fluffy, and sweet -- and very in-character! The biggest issue for me with Ten/Rose fluff is that I honestly don't believe they were shagging in canon. So it's hard for me to find romantic fluff that is both in character in terms of mimicking their banter, and doesn't necessarily push the relationship to a sexual place. This fic toes that line gorgeously and believably - and whether you think they were shagging each other's brains out, or you don't think they did until after JE, this sweet little one-shot will put a smile on your face.

Enjoy! =D

Ancient!Fic Rec

(For my new Flist members: I have a rather unique fic rec policy - I don't rec things by current authors because I have so many authors on my Flist and don't want any hurt feelings. But I do rec to highlight old material from inactive authors whose brilliant work might otherwise be forgotten)

So over at d_r_meta (aka my favorite comm of all time), _thirty2flavors, who_in_whoville and I were talking about The Year That Never Was. It reminded me of this little gem from 2007 - easily one of the most unique fics I have ever read.

Passing Notes, written in 2007 by Adalia Zandra
Summary: Were they passing notes like schoolboys now? Well, two could play at that game!

Rec'd because - first off: do you see that drawing, Flist?? She taught herself ~Gallifreyan~ and did all of that herself, by hand! This fic is a post-Year-That-Never-Was AU about Ten and the Master ~passing notes~ to each other on the TARDIS - stashing them in unique locations for each other to find. It is simply ingenious - original and hysterical and both her artwork and the concept are just ... ((keysmash with love for this))!! I get the distinct impression that this fic was a classic in its day - and for good reason!

So go on - have a read and make sure to comment and tell her how impressed you are! =D
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Why I *DON'T* do fic recs ... (and then, a fic rec)

I don't do fic recs. They make me very uncomfortable. My short stint on calufrax kind of cemented that for me: talk about awkward moments while chatting with author Flist members around that time @.@ So - unless I'm specifically asked for something, I usually keep mum.

I think a big reason for this is that so many members of my fantastic Flist are writers - and by picking one fic to highlight, I run a good risk of unintentionally hurting someone's feelings. If you're a writer, you've probably been there (I'll freely admit that I have!) It just never leaves me with a good feeling, and I don't want others to feel that way. For me, it's kind of like sitting down to lunch with a table of girlfriends and singling out one of them for compliments on their outfit - no matter how well-deserved it might be, I don't want my other friends to wonder what I think is wrong with their outfit, kwim?

At the same time, I think it's a shame to not do them. I've been trolling the fanfic archives on comms like time_and_chips, and I've noticed that there are a bunch of awesome, old fics from prior to the time that most of my flist entered the fandom. A lot of these are from authors who have since deleted their LJ accounts, or are otherwise inactive. And it's a shame when I read a fic that makes me cry - and there have been no comments on it in like 5+ years @.@

So, I've decided on a new personal fic rec policy - old stuff from authors who are no longer writing. They're no longer active, so their stuff is really fading into the shadows unless it's highlighted again. I figure that way, I can feel good about myself - reccing awesome fic that would otherwise be completely forgotten, AND having a personal policy that excludes reccing current Flist members, so nobody's feelings can get hurt. Two birds, one stone!


So anyway!! On to my first Ancient!Fic rec:
Worlds in Conjunction, written in 2006 by marylane
Summary: The Doctor makes a slight miscalculation. Written for Wendymr for the Rose Tyler Ficathon. She wanted Rose making hard choices; the Doctor getting something disastrously wrong - with consequences; & Doctor/Rose romance of some sort

This fic shows the aspects of Rose we got to know and love the most in s2 - when forced into a Very Not Good situation, she needs to display how capable and self-sufficient she is - and, in a way, just like she would eventually do in Turn Left, she needs to almost become The Doctor. It is moving to the point of being heart-rending, with Rose making the tough decisions when Ten accidentally screws up big time.