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So I've spent the couple of days sick. I think my immune system finally konked out due to all the late nights studying from the ungodly rather brisk exam schedule we had this week. So I spent most of the past 2 days in bed.

Course, what's funniest about this (to me at least) is the fact the reason I was in **BED** was due to an unforeseen medication side effect which pretty much had me semi-sedated for an entire day. There is some vague irony in the fact that a single, low dose of a common prescription drug -- which we haven't gotten around to studying yet -- was enough to knock me under the table as I recovered from pharmacy school exams.


rose hair


Finally a really good day! Turns out I slaughtered my biochem exam (which I studied for every day for TWO WEEKS!!!), and did really well (don't have a numeric grade yet but I know it was some sort of A) in my lab. Tomorrow is my physical chemistry exam and we'll see how that goes ... will be SO GLAD to be done with exams for a while. I think I've been averaging about 3 hours of sleep per night over the past week. I get a 2-week break chance to study another back-to-back series of 3 exams, then start the process allllll over again.

Being a mom in grad school is insanely hard work. So props out there to anyone else who is doing it, or contemplating it.