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Thoughts on David Tennant's "True Love"

Miss Hannigan from Annie says it best: "KILL! KILL! KILL!"

I knew I would hate this episode. I wasn't mistaken.

Fair warning: I'm unapologetically rant-y and judge-y.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Have I mentioned how glad I am this didn't costar Billie and David? HAVE I MENTIONED THIS???? D=

I really hate how Tennant said in interviews that "there's no hint that Nick isn't deeply in love with his wife." My thoughts are clear: people who are deeply in love with OTHERS don't cheat. People who are deeply in love with THEMSELVES cheat. That's why it's called "cheating" - because if it's truly something that matters, then there'd be no cheating involved. (Like - that's why I don't cheat in school - because I'd get thrown out, and that matters a bit more to me than a fake A on the test).

I didn't see "deeply in love" - I saw evasive, lying repeatedly even when confronted by his "deeply loved" wife, pretending everything is fine and dandy, and going behind someone's back to whom a major commitment was made and hurting them deeply. And a bullshit lame apology from him to his wife at the end. If that's "deeply in love" then I hope that my husband and I aren't and never will be =P

"Deeply in love with your wife" is not having puppy-dog eyes and saying to another woman "we were meant to be together for the rest of our lives" and "I never loved anyone like I loved you." And then he calls his wife "daft" twice for having suspicions. And then he says he "doesn't know if he can" just go back to his wife and kids and asks his ex if they can "go somewhere else and start again." SERIOUSLY HOW IS THIS LOVE FOR THE WIFE AT ALL???? Just because he threw her a birthday party at the beginning? BFD.

What he's feeling isn't love - it's guilt. Because he's a dipshit. Who cuddles in bed with his wife after shagging another girl and lying about it.

Nick got good advice from his friend, too - to think about what he has right now, stay away from the ex, and that the past is dead and doesn't matter. Ngl, my head!canon is that the friend 'consoles' the wife in more ways than one afterwards, as he seems to be the only person with his head on straight.

And the ex-girlfriend knows the wife, greets her, hugs her, lies to her about having seen Nick - and then shags him. OMFG. Not that I'm putting all the blame on her shoulders - she's not the married one after all.

I just hated this. Knew I would.

I hope they both got painful rashes.
And divorce papers.

And lawsuits for full custody + child support.

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Billie Piper earned more than David Tennant on DW?!

Check this out:


Piper was considered a coup signing by the programme makers who were keen to revive the cult classic for modern audiences, so much so that the BBC is said to have paid £210,000 to encourage her to stay for the second series in 2005 after she wavered over typecasting fears.

Tennant was offered just £166,000 for his role as the time lord. The BBC said at the time: 'Her deal is what she deserves as she's a favourite with fans.'


Now, either one of those paychecks would be fine by me!!! XD But if this is true, it's kind of funny ... kind of like how Audrey Meadows on The Honeymooners ended up making a mint, and Jackie Gleason didn't even though it was his show and everyone automatically thinks of him.
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Procrastination and Knit-Daleks


Talk about productive procrastination! Well not really. I have the next two weeks off from school for rotations, and my desire to accomplish anything but laundry is eehhhhh. Plus the fact that I got 100% on an exam in my "hard" class has me feeling a little full of sure of myself. XD

But ..... <<drum roll>> ..... I found a knitting pattern for Daleks!! It's called Extermiknit ... I don't knit though. Nor do I know anyone who does. But check this out: I'm not sure what movie that's from ...also not sure if Dalek Yarn is trying to exterminate the shirt or David Tennant. Or maybe the plaid pants. Idk, pants or shirt worse? Much like the Scissor Sisters, I can't decide. Yes that was a stupidly bad joke but it's 1am and I have had too much sugar so whatevs.

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Hockey does Doctor Who and other stuff

Thought 1 of the day: Phoenix Coyotes hockey team does Doctor Who!!

..... well not really. Their logo for the season is "Don't Blink," which of course had me in complete stitches. I don't even like hockey, but this was too good to pass up. So my first and probably last LJ entry having anything to do with the sport.

Thought 2 of the day: Single Father episode 2 was really really good

Yeah. Was thinking when the series is over, assuming I ever get any free time, I might make some icons. Got some screen grabs. Damn if Tennant isn't an amazing actor. No real spoilers: there is a scene where he is attempting to be stoic and starts to fail miserably at it. Yet, he fails miserably in a completely different way that Stoic Ten failed miserably at it. Same emotion, same bravado ... but two very different takes on it. His range is truly incredible.

Thought 3 of the day: school + mom = ugh

Yet again I wonder wth I'm doing. I can't seem to do anything right. I focus on school, then I'm a bad mom. I focus on kids, then my academic life goes to hell. My family is losing patience 2 months into my 4 year program, and here I am, many many many many thousands of dollars in debt, and I can't zactly change course now.

Blah, anyway that's my daily dose of self pity introspection. Off to study .....