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Procrastination and Knit-Daleks


Talk about productive procrastination! Well not really. I have the next two weeks off from school for rotations, and my desire to accomplish anything but laundry is eehhhhh. Plus the fact that I got 100% on an exam in my "hard" class has me feeling a little full of sure of myself. XD

But ..... <<drum roll>> ..... I found a knitting pattern for Daleks!! It's called Extermiknit ... I don't knit though. Nor do I know anyone who does. But check this out: I'm not sure what movie that's from ...also not sure if Dalek Yarn is trying to exterminate the shirt or David Tennant. Or maybe the plaid pants. Idk, pants or shirt worse? Much like the Scissor Sisters, I can't decide. Yes that was a stupidly bad joke but it's 1am and I have had too much sugar so whatevs.