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New fandom(s) -- and fandom!love at first sight

So, since my internship starts tomorrow (and I'll be out of town with limited internet access for 3 days bc of training), this past week was supposed to be my last opportunity to catch up on quality TV.

Here's what was supposed to happen: I decided to FINALLY get around to watching Buffy, which I had never seen (yes, I know, much loss of fangirl cred). So I was supposed to marathon it via Netflix - and to an extent, I did!!!! And I'm enjoying it!!!! I'm now at the end of season 3, with only the finale left to go.

... which I was SUPPOSED to watch a few days ago, til I fell head over heels in fandom!love and got majorly distracted =X

See, Netflix seems to know me pretty well. I had marathoned several BtVS episodes in a row, and noticed that they recommended a brand new category for me: "Shows with Strong Female Characters" XD

... the first show on that list was a Korean drama (?!?!) I had never heard of before, but which apparently was all the rage in Asia a few years back, called "Boys Over Flowers."

I rarely watch subtitled shows, don't have a drop of Asian blood in me, don't speak Korean, and have NEVER watched any Asian shows before, so I was like "eh, whatever, I'll watch a few minutes and see what it's like."

OMFG. I am now a true believer in fandom!love at first sight. Within the first 10 minutes, when a dry cleaner was trying to talk a potential suicide jumper off the ledge by oh-so-helpfully handing him a dry-cleaning bill, and telling him that furthermore, he'd get a discount if he didn't jump, I knew I was in for something completely unique and cracktastic XD

The Netflix description sounds unique enough, but doesn't do the show a shred of justice: "Unassuming high school girl Jan Di stands up to -- and eventually falls for -- a spoiled rich kid who belongs to the school's most powerful clique."

So in the past 3 days I've marathoned ~26 hours worth of that show - the entire run. My thoughts are in capslock with extra squee on top: I LOVED IT!!!!!!

Anyway. Gotta run. More later. On Buffy, Boys over Flowers, plus the Doctor Who audiobook I listened to on my recent commutes (The Silent Stars Go By).