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Billie Piper earned more than David Tennant on DW?!

Check this out:


Piper was considered a coup signing by the programme makers who were keen to revive the cult classic for modern audiences, so much so that the BBC is said to have paid £210,000 to encourage her to stay for the second series in 2005 after she wavered over typecasting fears.

Tennant was offered just £166,000 for his role as the time lord. The BBC said at the time: 'Her deal is what she deserves as she's a favourite with fans.'


Now, either one of those paychecks would be fine by me!!! XD But if this is true, it's kind of funny ... kind of like how Audrey Meadows on The Honeymooners ended up making a mint, and Jackie Gleason didn't even though it was his show and everyone automatically thinks of him.