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Being Erica!!

I am of course, more than anything else, a pathetically unrepentant squeeing Doctor Who fangirl. I even squee over fanfic. I am a total loss, and proud of it.

Second to this, however, is my fandom of Being Erica. I am not in Canada, and the new series just started a few weeks ago so they haven't aired here in the USA yet, but I managed to find the first few episodes on Megaupload.

God I love this show. It has nothing to do with the fact that Sebastian Pigott is a fine specimen. (Although he is. But that really has nothing to do with it, he's a side character).

Being Erica combines what for me are the best parts of Doctor Who - time travel, in-depth characterization, season story arcs that keep moving, UST - and wrap them all up in a neat lil Canuck package. So happy it's back on the air!! Anyone else watch it ... anyone?

But Sebastian Pigott truly is fine ... and lol he friended me on Facebook rofl! (Well, me and like 1000 other people, but STILL!!)

And he can SIIIIING!

OK enough squee. (Lies!! NEVER enough squee!!) But I gotta get to work. Exams blah.