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Doctor Who --- 33 Days of Doctor/Rose ---- Day 14: Favorite Hug

Yes, I know this is a Doctor/Rose meme.

And yes, I know that Rose is not in this scene, episode, or even season.

But this remains, imo, the hug with the best commentary on the Doctor/Rose relationship. While I won't go so far as to say it's my ~favorite~ hug of all time, I do think it has a lot more meta behind it than most.


We worked it out. We know what they’ve done. There’s Dalekanium on the mast. And it’s good to see you too, by the way.

Oh, come here.

The Doctor grabs Martha in a big hug and twirls her about. He drops her abruptly as the bell dings and the lift doors close. He runs to try and stop it.

No, no, no. See, never waste time with a hug.


Wow: "Never waste time with a hug." Beyond making us think "poor Martha!!! D=", and being a commentary on what was unfortunately often an awkward Doctor-Martha relationship in s3, this hug -- indirectly -- says quite a lot about the Doctor/Rose relationship, in that it never seemed to occur to either Nine or Ten to have this reaction to Rose. (And often, in art as in life, the absence of an expected reaction can be even more important than the expected reaction itself).

Neither Nine nor Ten ever said anything like this to Rose, nor ever had the attitude that Rose (or showing Rose affection) ever "got in the way" of the plot at hand. Which, occasionally - it did! In s2, the exuberant affection with which Ten and Rose treat one another in Tooth & Claw is one reason that Queen Victoria banishes them. In Girl in the Fireplace, let's face it - seconds on the spaceship were months/years in France, so that last Ten/Rose hug probably cost Reinette at least a precious year (or two ... or three) of her life and the chance to come aboard the TARDIS. Yet in neither of those circumstances did the Doctor ever seem to regret taking the time to hug Rose and be affectionate towards her. There are many other mid-danger hugs the Doctor and Rose shared - but not a single one of them was met by such a callous comment as "never waste time with a hug," or even the attitude. While Ten's overall attitude towards Rose ran a little hot-and-cold in s2, he never shied away from showing her physical affection, and it's difficult to imagine that he would have said this had Rose been the companion here instead of Martha.

It's clear across s3 how much the Doctor misses Rose: this moment illustrates how much his outlook on things change when he is no longer seeing things through Rose-colored glasses =(

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Doctor Who --- 33 Days of Doctor/Rose ---- Day 13: Favorite Kiss

Oh wow.

This is a hard one. (kissy gif spam below the cut)
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For me, it's not just the fact that there is "a kiss". It's the first kiss that didn't involve death/possession/a thick piece of plastic. That earns it some massive brownie points right there XD

But as you've doubtlessly noticed, all but one of the caps is from the Confidential. So I want to make clear that the Confidential version of the kiss is the one that I love - the passion, the way he tilts her back, the way he doesn't let her go even as she's starting to pull away a bit, the way he clutches her - grips her even.

But that's not the kiss that was canonically aired (although pics of it appeared in both DWM and The Writer's Tale). The edits ... idk, the edits were apparently done because Tennant and Davies didn't want this scene to seem too "happy," and wanted it to be a little sad, and Davies wanted the kiss to symbolize "Rose's choice" of TenToo more so than anything else. So the canonical result looks rather wooden to me - and you can tell that she is kissing him, but not necessarily that he's doing anything other than standing there (although, if you look really, really hard, it's obvious in canon that he's holding her tightly because she has to jerk away from him TWICE to go run after the disappearing TARDIS. If he were just standing there, clearly she would be unimpeded XD).

So, paradoxically, this is both my favorite kiss, as well as the one that makes me ((facepalm)) slightly, depending on the edit.

redknightalex has pointed out in the past that she prefers the canon one because the Confidential one might make Rose seem a bit insensitive, to be kissing that intensely right in front of Ten ... and I see her point, I really do. I just would have preferred canon that has TenToo respond to her. Because, although clearly it was the intent that he was responding, it is now canonically arguable, which I find rather unfortunate. Although the lack of canonical passion... DOES provide the opportunity for more angsty fanfic, which is always a plus in my book! =D
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Doctor Who --- 33 Days of Doctor/Rose ---- Day 12: Prettiest Scene


Rose looks out onto the 1860 street. She makes one footprint in the untouched snow then withdraws her foot again. Then she steps out altogether. The Doctor follows her.

Ready for this?

She smiles and he offers her his arm. She takes it.

Here we go. History!

They walk off together.

To me, this scene is gorgeous. It's not just because of the beauty of the scenery, or because Rose is wearing a stunning dress, but mainly because of the beauty of the Doctor/Rose relationship. This is Rose's third adventure with the Doctor - but it's the first one where she experiences the pure wonder of time travel. Do you remember that beautiful shot of her stepping out of the TARDIS, her shoes pressing down gently into the 1860 snow? She is completely entranced - and Nine is more than happy to enchant her. This is of course opposed to "their first date" in End of the World, where to goal seems more to test her, by letting her see her planet die much the way Gallifrey probably died. In The Unquiet Dead, his goal is quite different - it's the first time he's trying to show her something beautiful. Which is what makes this scene beautiful to me =)

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Doctor Who --- 33 Days of Doctor/Rose ---- Day 11: Favorite Unfinished Sentence

Well today was supposed to be "heartbreaking moment" but I think I covered that with Day 10: Sad Moment yesterday, so I thought I'd make up my own category! After all, there were quite a few unfinished sentences in the Doctor/Rose relationship:

School Reunion ("Imagine watching that happen to someone you -")
The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit ("Tell her -")
The Idiot's Lantern ("Know her? She -")
Doomsday ("Rose Tyler -")

... one thing's for dang sure, whenever Ten cut himself off midsentence, you know it was probably going to be shippy!! I'm not picking any of those, though. Instead, I am picking one from Human Nature/Family of Blood in season 3 - when even John Smith cuts himself off midsentence:

"She is my s--"

I just love this. Even when he's NOT the Doctor, he's thinking of Rose, and he still can't finish his thoughts. You can go so many directions with how this particular sentence was going to end, as I saw several months ago in a poll I did on the subject. Personally, I believe it is "soulmate," but others have thought it might be star, savior, and satanic stripper sidekick. Outside of himself, Rose is the only thing that he can put an actual name to in his journal. He can't even remember what the TARDIS is called, but he can remember Rose's name and doodles roses all over his journal. And he doesn't even remember why ... it's incredibly romantic to me. That's why, to me, this is the best unfinished sentence of them all =)

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Doctor Who --- 33 Days of Doctor/Rose ---- Day 10: Sad Moment

I mentioned in Day 8 - Romantic Moment that the Bad Wolf Bay scene in Journey's End could be used for soooo many of these prompts. So I'm reusing it XD

I think Rose's reaction to realizing that Ten is going to leave her behind is incredibly sad, for one particular reason: look at the expression that is NOT on her face.

She is heartbroken, she is horrified, she is devastated, she is angry, she is clearly being torn up by this.

But she is not surprised.

She's spent years in another universe, working at Torchwood, who is developing the Dimension Cannon so she can return home. She's been looking for the Doctor for gawd-knows-how-long. And one of the first things he does is to deposit her right back in the alternate universe - and she's not shocked.

That, to me, is utterly heartbreaking. She clearly knew deep down it was a possibility, and who knows, maybe on some level she knew he was going to do it. Leave her in Aberdeen, or Croydon, or Bad Wolf Bay, or wherever. After all ... if it hadn't been for him calling her to Bad Wolf Bay in Doomsday, the last time she would have seen him would have been as he was trying to argue with her and send her back to Pete's World, where he had just deposited her against her express wishes.

That just breaks my heart.

(This actually goes hand-in-hand with my head canon that in the immediate aftermath of Journey's End, Rose had some serious abandonment issues as far as TenToo is concerned. I don't see how there's any way she could get over that and be all "yippee! relationship!" particularly quickly. Way too much emotional baggage.)

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Doctor Who --- 33 Days of Doctor/Rose ---- Day 9: Funny Moment

This moment gets literally ZERO love from fans, but I think it's one of the funniest Ten/Rose exchanges in season 2!

I love how Rose is trying to be all Doctorish here. You know, how Ten will randomly start spouting some overly detailed information that is only tangentially related to the subject at hand? So, here Rose starts doing the same thing - and she gives him that cute little look, almost like she's looking for approval. But Ten's just looking at her like she has two heads! I just think it's adorable and utterly hysterical that she's managed to flummox even the Doctor - and I have no idea why it never gets brought up as a funny moment, because it makes me laugh every single time!

You'll be proud of us, sir! We'll have Union Jacks left, right and centre!

Rose suddenly rises, hands on hips, as the Doctor slowly paces back across the room.

'Scuse me, Mr Connolly, hang on a minute! Union Jacks?

(pausing in his work to look at her)
Yes, that's right, isn't it?

That's the Union Flag. It's the Union Jack only when it's flown at sea.

Tommy's smile grows into a grin, as Eddie tries to humble himself.

Oh... oh, I'm sorry, I do apologise!

(smiling widely)
Well, don't get it wrong again, there's a good man.
(with some force)
Now get to it!

Eddie hastily gets back to work, and Rose gives the Doctor a coy smile. Even he looks slightly bewildered!

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Doctor Who --- 33 Days of Doctor/Rose ---- Day 8: Romantic Moment

This entire scene is so gorgeous and rich in its emotional complexity, that I think various parts of it could win for:
- Most romantic moment
- Most angsty moment
- Saddest moment
- Most heartbreaking moment
- Best kiss (especially the uncut version, which is as close to NC17 as a kiss can get imo)
- Best deleted scene which shoulda stayed in there dammit
... and probably many others as well.

I've always thought though that this particular line is one of the most romantic moments in New Who, both in terms of Tennant's delivery (his voice almost shaking with held-back emotion) and in terms of the line itself.

He needs her. He can't ever bring himself to tell her he loves her, but he can say-it-without-saying-it. And his voice is brimming with emotion as he even says this much!

He knows the new him needs her too, since they are the same man. And he's willing to give her up because the new him will be able to really share a life with her and grow with her and commit to her in a way that a full Time Lord never could (I'm paraphrasing part of Davies' Journey's End commentary).

And so even though he clearly loves her, and needs her, and can barely even get that out without his voice shaking, he's willing to sacrifice his own newfound happiness so she can have a real life with the other him.

It's so simple, but so heart-rendingly gorgeous, and to me it is summed up by this line.

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Doctor Who --- 33 Days of Doctor/Rose ---- Day 7: Epic Moment

Ahh how I love being a member of a fandom where "time is relative" and therefore Day 7 of a meme can occur on what should be Day 14 XD

Anyway! On to the epic!! =D

This moment is epic for me for so many reasons. A big one of which is the theme of Rose's faith and courage. Plus she's a take-charge HBIC. PLUS SHE KILLS SATAN!!!

The theme of the Doctor's faith in Rose is very obvious in The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit -- ("I believe in her!"), after all! And to an extent Rose's faith is addressed in the two-parter as well - she wanted to stay on the planet no matter what, whether the Doctor was dead or alive because she didn't want to leave him. If that ain't love, I don't know what is, folks!!

In this scene, in a way it's easy to not think about the ramifications of what she's doing because it all worked out for the best. She shoots out the window/ unlocks Toby/ Ten saves the rocketship/ epic!hug is epic. But ... in the moment, was she really counting on that? Just like we see her risk her life on the lever for the greater good in Doomsday, here as well she is shooting a big hole in the ship that is supposed to get her little group to safety, all for the greater good of making sure Satan doesn't escape. She has no way of knowing that she's not going to die instantaneously as soon as the window is shot out - but she does it anyway. And she doesn't even bat an eye. Rose is often accused of being selfish - even by Davies, who called her "wonderfully selfish" - but this illustrates a side of her that is self-LESS in the extreme!!

Similar to Fear Her, where Rose takes charge of the episode, in this scene Rose needs to figure out the mystery of Satanic!Toby all on her own, and on the fly come up with a plan and execute it. This continues Rose's character arc of needing to become incredibly self-sufficient without the Doctor around (culminating of course in saving the timelines single-handedly in Turn Left).

And it's beautifully shot (lol pun).
And she does it with an awesome one-liner.
And her hair remains perfectly coiffed.

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Doctor Who --- 33 Days of Doctor/Rose ---- Day 6: Silly Moment

Some people (like me!!!!) might call this one of their favorite silly moments, in an episode that is awash in silly moments. Others have called it a moment that is obnoxious, callous, and even overly inside-jokey from an episode that is VERY shiptastic ... so ymmv lol.

Tooth & Claw is chock full of moments like this, from Ten singing along to Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick at the beginning of the ep, to the "We are not amused" jokes that punctuate the episode, to Ten's "feral child" and "Elephant Man" jokes (and don't tell me he didn't pay for those comments later!!). What's beautiful about the silliness to me is the subtext of it - they are getting comfortable together, and beginning to fall in love. As Tennant himself said:

"I love the Doctor and Rose's relationship in [Tooth & Claw] because they start to fall in love with each other again, as Rose begins to trust the new bloke, and I love the way that Russell pushes that so that they're almost enjoying themselves too much."

This is a type of "almost enjoying themselves too much" that we don't ever really observe with Nine and Rose (I think the closest we get is the hug after Rose's successful pronunciation of Raxacoricofallapatorius), but which has become very characteristic of the Ten/Rose relationship in season 2. There's a certain devil-may-care, jokey attitude to their relationship here that we see associated with happy!Ten of season 2, and rarely after that point. He's letting himself be happy, and silly - and setting himself up for the heartbreak we'll see later on.

So I love the silly because 1) IT'S SILLY and 2) because as long as Rose is around, he's happy enough to allow himself to be silly for a while.

I just wonder if Rose ever got her 10 quid from him ...

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Doctor Who --- 33 Days of Doctor/Rose ---- Day 5: Favorite Hand-Holding Moment

Today was supposed to be "Favorite Novel." Which wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that I haven't read any of them =P So, I picked my favorite handholding moment instead, from one of the deleted scenes in Army of Ghosts.

This moment is so brilliant to me not because it's cute (which it is) or shippy (which it is) - but because they don't look like an alien and his human companion: they look like a normal couple. They look like a normal guy and girl, going to visit the mother in law. They're not running from danger, or discussing an adventure - the dialogue is soft on the DVD, but they're talking about going to pay someone a visit (ostensibly Jackie). That's pretty domestic for a guy who used to pride himself on avoiding it!

This scene, as well as the following scene, really underscore the fact that in the Tylers, Ten has found a true family. He stops by for a visit. Jackie meets them at the door and kisses both of them. He rifles through their mail. He seems pleased at the idea of meeting Rose's grandfather. He's become as "normal" an alien as he can possibly be, and as close to a boyfriend/son-in-law as he's ever going to be able to get as a Time Lord.

It's at this point in their relationship where Ten's attachment to Rose's life is the most evident. The scene at the beginning of the episode with the flying ray-pterodactyl-thingies where she tells him she's going to stay with him forever is sweet. Moments like this scene though, show just how hard Ten is holding on to the hope that she actually will.

Aaaaaand of course, it comes crashing down on his head within the next hour or so.

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