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17 June 2012 @ 11:11 pm
Miss Hannigan from Annie says it best: "KILL! KILL! KILL!"

I knew I would hate this episode. I wasn't mistaken.

Fair warning: I'm unapologetically rant-y and judge-y.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Have I mentioned how glad I am this didn't costar Billie and David? HAVE I MENTIONED THIS???? D=

I really hate how Tennant said in interviews that "there's no hint that Nick isn't deeply in love with his wife." My thoughts are clear: people who are deeply in love with OTHERS don't cheat. People who are deeply in love with THEMSELVES cheat. That's why it's called "cheating" - because if it's truly something that matters, then there'd be no cheating involved. (Like - that's why I don't cheat in school - because I'd get thrown out, and that matters a bit more to me than a fake A on the test).

I didn't see "deeply in love" - I saw evasive, lying repeatedly even when confronted by his "deeply loved" wife, pretending everything is fine and dandy, and going behind someone's back to whom a major commitment was made and hurting them deeply. And a bullshit lame apology from him to his wife at the end. If that's "deeply in love" then I hope that my husband and I aren't and never will be =P

"Deeply in love with your wife" is not having puppy-dog eyes and saying to another woman "we were meant to be together for the rest of our lives" and "I never loved anyone like I loved you." And then he calls his wife "daft" twice for having suspicions. And then he says he "doesn't know if he can" just go back to his wife and kids and asks his ex if they can "go somewhere else and start again." SERIOUSLY HOW IS THIS LOVE FOR THE WIFE AT ALL???? Just because he threw her a birthday party at the beginning? BFD.

What he's feeling isn't love - it's guilt. Because he's a dipshit. Who cuddles in bed with his wife after shagging another girl and lying about it.

Nick got good advice from his friend, too - to think about what he has right now, stay away from the ex, and that the past is dead and doesn't matter. Ngl, my head!canon is that the friend 'consoles' the wife in more ways than one afterwards, as he seems to be the only person with his head on straight.

And the ex-girlfriend knows the wife, greets her, hugs her, lies to her about having seen Nick - and then shags him. OMFG. Not that I'm putting all the blame on her shoulders - she's not the married one after all.

I just hated this. Knew I would.

I hope they both got painful rashes.
And divorce papers.

And lawsuits for full custody + child support.

So, since my internship starts tomorrow (and I'll be out of town with limited internet access for 3 days bc of training), this past week was supposed to be my last opportunity to catch up on quality TV.

Here's what was supposed to happen: I decided to FINALLY get around to watching Buffy, which I had never seen (yes, I know, much loss of fangirl cred). So I was supposed to marathon it via Netflix - and to an extent, I did!!!! And I'm enjoying it!!!! I'm now at the end of season 3, with only the finale left to go.

... which I was SUPPOSED to watch a few days ago, til I fell head over heels in fandom!love and got majorly distracted =X

See, Netflix seems to know me pretty well. I had marathoned several BtVS episodes in a row, and noticed that they recommended a brand new category for me: "Shows with Strong Female Characters" XD

... the first show on that list was a Korean drama (?!?!) I had never heard of before, but which apparently was all the rage in Asia a few years back, called "Boys Over Flowers."

I rarely watch subtitled shows, don't have a drop of Asian blood in me, don't speak Korean, and have NEVER watched any Asian shows before, so I was like "eh, whatever, I'll watch a few minutes and see what it's like."

OMFG. I am now a true believer in fandom!love at first sight. Within the first 10 minutes, when a dry cleaner was trying to talk a potential suicide jumper off the ledge by oh-so-helpfully handing him a dry-cleaning bill, and telling him that furthermore, he'd get a discount if he didn't jump, I knew I was in for something completely unique and cracktastic XD

The Netflix description sounds unique enough, but doesn't do the show a shred of justice: "Unassuming high school girl Jan Di stands up to -- and eventually falls for -- a spoiled rich kid who belongs to the school's most powerful clique."

So in the past 3 days I've marathoned ~26 hours worth of that show - the entire run. My thoughts are in capslock with extra squee on top: I LOVED IT!!!!!!

Anyway. Gotta run. More later. On Buffy, Boys over Flowers, plus the Doctor Who audiobook I listened to on my recent commutes (The Silent Stars Go By).
So like I said yesterday, it continues to amaze me that 4 years later, Doctor/Rose is basically still being used to promote Tennant and Piper's new show, in which they actually don't interact at all. That's up to 3 shippy headlines now that I've seen! THREE!!!! Which is actually ALL the headlines I've seen. I swear, if I hadn't read the articles, I'd think it was a Doctor/Rose shipper doing photo manips XD ...

The longevity of the Doctor/Rose appeal is astounding, and incredibly impressive. For this to be the headline on multiple, mass-marketed magazines is just amazing and wonderful! There are other stars in the shows, and heck, Tennant is doing his episode with Joanne Froggatt, who's risen to quite a lot of fame in Downton. But what is the pairing they advertise? The OTP of OTPs - Doctor/Rose =)

Screenshots of the magazine covers in question below the cutCollapse )
SO!!! I ask you guys, which of the following is the shippiest headline for this non-Ten/Rose non-reunion? XD

So which headline is more shippy?

"in the grip of love"
"true love -- together again"
"in the mood for romance"

... "in the grip of love"???? XD

I love how they are still being shipped.

Even though it's vicariously via Tennant and Piper, who are not in the same episode, and have not even been onscreen together in 4 years.

Even though this veers perilously close to RPF.

And even though this is REALLY not the best picture of Tennant.

The fact that they are still recognizeable enough as a pairing for Moffat to repeatedly mention the ship even today, and for the BBC to have its special True Love advertised as such even 4 years after their last on-screen appearance together, I think pretty much cements them as the OTP-of-all-OTPs.

Tl;dr - other pairings may come and go, and you can paint it anyway you want, but for this pairing to still be advertised as such YEARS after the fact pretty much speaks volumes. Often imitated, never replicated <3

02 June 2012 @ 03:45 pm
This is probably not news to anyone but ME, since it came out in an interview with Ian Somerholder last week buuuuuut .....

Mild character arc-type spoiler for Delena, nothing plot-related:

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Ian Somerhalder Says Damon Isn’t Pining for Elena in Vampire Diaries Season 4

From the article: “... he expects Damon to bounce back right away. 'Here’s the good thing. He’s not pining for her. He’s not pining for Katherine.'”

I'm actually quite pleased about this. Intentionally or not (and I suspect it's unintentional, but still ...), Elena has been playing with Damon's feelings for a couple of seasons now. It's a very push/pull relationship, which I think is pretty characteristic of teenage relationships, but Damon isn't a teenager and that doesn't make it any less hurtful =/ In that aspect, I regard (and ship) Delena in the same way I cringe and have to muster myself to ship Ten/Rose in Doctor Who - where one of them (Elena, Ten) is careless with the other's (Damon's, Rose's) feelings, and "the other" happens to be my favorite character in the show =P

OK that started to ramble. BUT ANYWAY!

Do I think Delena will have its day in the spotlight? ABSOLUTELY YES, or TPTB wouldn't have spent nearly this much time on it in the show and in half-naked interviews.But I hope that this is an indication that next time, it will be Elena doing the pulling, and Damon pushing her away, just like he did with Katharine when he was tired of the emotional ping-pong there as well. I'm so glad Somerhalder made that comparison.

ETA: ooh this may indeed happen! Because I also found this:

Nina Dobrev: “Everything changes all the time, whether it’s people or relationships or experiences. Elena’s feelings for Damon are going to change drastically when the show returns in the fall. During their phone call, one of her main points was that things might have turned out differently if she had met him before Stefan. Well guess what? She did!"
31 May 2012 @ 10:49 am

Found this on Twitter, and this is actually quite a cracktastic gif. Spoilers for companion's alleged name and costumes/era for the Christmas special XD

[Spoiler (click to open)]

GET IT?? Back to the Future III, where Doc meets a girl named Clara in the 19th century.

And now we apparently have the Doctor ... meeting a girl named Clara ... in the 19th century XD

Moffat either gets points for the most random tribute EVER, or for her name not really being Clara and this being a total swerve that only a few Children of the 80s will pick up on XD

From the wonderful folks at doctorwhospoilers.com, who normally call entire PLOTLINES right, so I'm inclined to trust them ...

[Spoiler (click to open)]
She will be "Clara"

(Source is here, but this is a massive spoiler site with on-set pics so you've been warned!!!)

Oh well D=
30 May 2012 @ 03:15 pm
Time again for the TV Choice Awards!! Voting is through June 15 here


Best drama nominees include: Game of Thrones, The Vampire Diaries, Torchwood, Being Human, Sherlock, Downton Abbey

Best new drama includes Once Upon a Time

Best family drama includes Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Adventures ((sob)) and Merlin

Best actor includes Hugh Bonneville and Brendan Coyle (Downton), Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman (Sherlock), Colin Morgan (Merlin), and Matt Smith (DW)

Best actress includes Freema (Law & Order), Laura Carmichael and Joanne Froggatt (Downton), and Karen Gillan (DW)
Tumblr has been all over this today ...


[Spoiler (click to open)]

This could of course either be 1) a swerve a la Sophia Myles (which I'm still cryin' in my pillow over haha), 2) misinformation or 3) THE COOLEST FREAKING THING EVER!!!!

Now the source for this of course is IMDB, which can - on occasion - be wrong about things like character names.

It should go without saying that both these names - Susan as well as Tyler - are HUGELY loaded names in DW fandom. Add to that Moffat's comments that the new companion will be "a shock", plus that her name/identity are secret, and she can talk even faster than he does ...so of course you have everyone and their brother wondering - is this TenToo and Rose's kid, named after his beloved granddaughter? A kid was a part of RTD's potential head!canon for them (along with growing a TARDIS and traveling the world, per The Writer's Tale) - so on that front, it's plausible enough ...

Given Moffat's interviews over the past year or so (where he's mentioned Rose repeatedly), given the multiple videos/references of Rose in s5/s6, and given that the 50th anniversary will be Jenna's first year as companion ... and the fact that it's filming NOW, so any name leaks could easily come from call sheets ... could this be true?

Please please please?
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25 May 2012 @ 07:29 pm
What book have you re-read the most number of times, and why is it so worthy of repeated readings? Do you pick up new plot points or details each time, or do you simply find comfort in spending time with a favorite storyline and characters?

I have 2 answers to this, kinda.

The book I like to reread PARTS of is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. Because it's beautiful and angsty, and I like my lead characters tortured by their love, tyvm!

The book I've reread the most overall is Les Jeux Sont Faits by Jean-Paul Sartre. Because it's beautiful and angsty, and I like my lead characters tortured by their love ... see a pattern? XD I think this one is especially powerful because, as an existentialist, Sartre shall we say is not quite bound by the need to give his novels happy endings - rather, philosophical messages on the human condition. So this book packs a massive punch as a result.