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Once Upon A Time "Broken" review/thoughts

OK so I wasn't going to liveblog this. But this episode is SO AWESOME so far ...

[Spoiler (click to open)]
1) So Mulan is my favorite Disney "princess." I just think she rocks and YAY for female empowerment. Not so sure how I feel about the love triangle we're working up to, as that's been done to death (unless the person she really loves is Aurora). I do like she's a HBIC in this ep and knows more than anyone else - I guess I'm just half-expecting the typical trope about the powerful-woman-having-to-pay-for-it-by-being-lonely. I hope we're in for a girl-girl OTP, even if it's just best friendship since Aurora and Mulan are so different from one another ... like Beaches except without the tearjerking ending! =D

2) That Gold/Belle kiss was HAWT. I don't even think Robert Carlisle is all that hot, but day-um .... It's funny how he's technically keeping his word to Belle while completely ignoring the intent of her request >.<

3) I already love the fairytale characters SO much more than their contemporary alter egos. Especially Snow and Charming. LOL @ her with the "one night stand" comment - he looked so shaken up! At least she didn't go and marry someone else.

4) I kind of like how torn Emma is feeling about knowing who her parents are now. All of this crap is finally real to her.

5) Wow, so Regina had a soul to be sucked by the wraith in the first place? XD I'm kidding ... I know she loves Henry (and it was sweet how touched she was that Henry wanted her safe).

6) Annnnnnd re Mulan, so she's willing to give her own life so that the man she loves can live out the rest of his life with another woman. How positively Eponine/Madame Butterfly/Miss Saigon. ALL THESE THINGS ARE SO CLEARLY WRITTEN BY MEN, I SWEAR!!!

7) Wow. So that whole hat thing didn't go well =X I can't say I saw that coming. Even Regina looked slightly horrified for a mo there.

8) I wonder if Ruby is going to turn into a wolf again.

9) I really liked how I had totally assumed that Mulan/Aurora/Philip was yet another flashback ... but it wasn't!!!!!! That's pretty damn cool.

All in all, infinitely better than most of Doctor Who this season XD I'll even forgive the momentary lapse into cis-female stereotypes. I wasn't the biggest fan of this show last season because I felt like it was still finding its feet, but I think it might get there this season!!
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