kilodalton (kilodalton) wrote,

The Angels Take Manhattan review/thoughts

This was really full of plotholes.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

1) ... so, if "an image of an angel becomes an angel," then shouldn't the detective have been zapped back in time almost as soon as he stepped into the elevator with the poster of the Statue of Liberty? (Or gotten his neck broken/sand in his eye or something?) And since angels can turn other statues into angels, shouldn't every statue in NYC be an angel by this point?

2) FINALLY Moffat gives a reason the TARDIS can't land somewhere - time distortions. He should have done that ages ago.

3) So far my favorite part of this ep is the ad that "DAVID TENNANT RETURNS TO BBC AMERICA" in Spies of Warsaw

4) "Once we know what's coming, it's written in stone" -- ok, I'm sorry, I have problems with this. It's supposed to be only if you've lived through it. Otherwise, the Doctor, the knower of all history, would never be able to go anywhere or do anything, because he already knows history and how things end.

5) So the chained angel touches River ... and nothing happens. How do you "badly damage" an angel anyway? Wasn't the point of Blink supposed to be that you can't kill them or hurt them? And if they can only move when you're not looking at them, then how come the baby angel was able to blow out Rory's match when he was looking at it? That shouldn't have been able to happen, either. And now they can just do spatial displacement without temporal displacement?

6) So I did kinda like how it's becoming clear that Eleven's time with River is coming to an end. Although their timelines never seem to go back-to-back as originally stated. Honestly, to me this means that Moffat's time on DW is likely coming to a rapid end as well, which is good.

7) I thought regeneration energy was only supposed to last for ~15 hours after a regeneration. However, I thought that Time Lords can go into a trance and heal. So ... in order for there to be a dramatic moment, canon was trounced. As usual.

8) In a perverse way, Rory's death of old age must be almost comforting, because if time can no longer be rewritten to kill him any other way, then he can go play in traffic or w/e with no fear.


10) Everyone seems to keep taking their eyes off the angels, and turning their backs to them. AND BLINKING. Yet the angels don't move. Amy and Rory have this entire conversation with the Statue of Liberty!Angel standing right there, and they're not looking at it, and the damn thing doesn't move an inch. Eleven and River stand with their backs to it, and it STILL doesn't move.

11) How come people are crying at this? This episode is HAS NO INTERNAL LOGIC.

12) So he can't ever go to the 1930s? Or to 1930s New York? Because if it's just New York, then couldn't they just go to another city and meet up with Eleven there? Or wait a few years and meet him somewhere else.

13) What is this crud about "nobody knows" if the angel will send them back to the same time? That's such a lie. That's the only reason Ten and Martha were able to end up in 1960s London together, and that Billy Shipton was able to join them.

14) This stuff must run in the family:
Pond/Williams person: "don't travel alone."
The Doctor: "ok cool, travel with me!"
Pond/Williams person: "lol not so much"

This episode would have been much more emotional if it weren't so freaktastically annoying and had no internal logic. You don't need to stay true to 50 years of canon, I understand it can be complicated. But please, please try to stay true to the handful of episodes that YOU WROTE Moffat =P


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