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My fanfic is all at strange_charmed

Below is a list of fanfic written by some very talented authors for prompts I came up with.

And Burn by plutokitty
Prompt: Mickey and Rose, a post-Doomsday blowup

Untitled by openmicnights
Prompt: Jack/anyone - in this fic it's Jack/Ianto

An Open Door That’s Closing by jessicaqueen
Prompt: TenToo/Rose, Ten/Rose - sexual voyeurism and angsty masturbation

Beer Goggles (drabble) by 10docandr
Prompt: Ten/Rose, past Rose/Mickey - Rose gets tipsy, and Mickey watches as the Doctor tends to her

Don't Tell Me If I'm Dying ('Cause I Don't Want To Go) by tenthrose
Prompt: Tenth Doctor, song lyrics from "Angels on the Moon" by Thriving Ivy (Don't wake me cause I'm dreaming of angels on the moon/Where everyone you know never leaves too soon)

Meeting Your Heroes (drabble) by jessicaqueen
Prompt: Ten/Danaerys (Doctor Who/Game of Thrones crossover), "love at first sight"

A Mutual Goal (drabble) by jessicaqueen
Prompt: River/Simm!Master, "love the Doctor or hate him?"

Not the Whole Package (drabble) by jessicaqueen
Prompt: post-Doomsday!Rose/Dean Winchester, "f***buddies"

Untitled by timelord1
Prompt: Doctor/Rose, Valentine's Day, "Alone"

Untitled by seasight
Prompt: (5 words per fandom) Doctor Who: chair, sleep, glue, wooden, camera

November 29th 2006, 2:30 a.m. by partmermaid
Prompt: Nine/Rose, picture prompt of a couple walking in the snow

I'd Like a Blue Box, Please by keep_counting
Prompt: TenToo/Rose, immediate post-JE fic

A Twice in a Lifetime Experience by jessicaqueen
Prompt: TenToo/Rose, alt!Reinette - TenToo and Rose experience 'Girl in the Fireplace' redux in Pete's World

The Storm by cinderbella333
Prompt: River, Madame Kovarian - so we meet again, years later

The only flower by the river is the rose by bunnyofferings
Prompt: River meets Romana or Rose

A Friendly Game by rowofstars
Prompt: Ten and Rose play Chess

Unititled Limerick by zazie11
Prompt: Randy limerick involving Jackie Tyler!

Jump by professor_spork
Mine is only one of several prompts she used for this wonderful, beautiful fic about post-Doomsday Rose in Pete's World, but it was a quote from The Princess Bride: "Death cannot stop true love, it can only delay it for a while."

Untitled Drabble by wareander
Prompt: Jackie/Pete after Doomsday

Standing Still in a Kaleidoscope - Redux by jessicaqueen is an alternate ending to jessicaqueen 's existing fic Standing Still in a Kaleidoscope
Prompt: I can't write the prompt here without major spoilers for the original fic. But the original fic's summary is Five and a half hours have long since passed. Rose and Mickey have to learn to stand on their own on a spaceship in the 51st century when the Doctor doesn’t return to save them. ... my prompt was in response to jessicaqueen 's "What If..." meme and basically asked for the second half of the story to go AU.

Exactly What You're Looking For by jiji_bean
Prompt: Ten/Rose fic

Touch of Grey by platypus
Prompt: Rose tries to comfort TenToo upon him finding a few gray hairs

After Krop Tor by iluvmusicals
Prompt: "So, on Krop Tor, Ida told me that you said my name ..."

Releasing the Sparrow by 2cbetter2
Prompt: During "The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith," Sarah Jane asks about Rose

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus by mahmfic
Prompt: "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"

Untitled 3-line drabble by professor_spork
Prompt: Rose & Mickey, goodbye
Tags: adventures of sarah jane, doctor who, fanfic

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